Sunday, August 28, 2016

Love: A cautionary tale...

This is an open letter to any who would utter the word love without being certain that they mean it:

Be careful when telling someone that you love them, because they might actually believe you… and they might just love you back.

Being loved by another is a rare and precious gift, and the heart and soul that believes that it is loved, (that has faith in that love), is given wings upon which it can soar to impossible heights, because for the spirit that is loved, nothing is impossible.

Loving another gives us strength, hope, and purpose, but being loved by another emboldens us with the intoxicating knowledge that we are not alone on this journey… that someone else has our back, and that someone else might miss our presence should we cease to exist.

Be careful when you tell someone that you love them, because if they believe you, and you decide that you were mistaken, the rescission of that love can devastate the unsuspecting spirit.  To have love, (or even the mere perception of love) ripped away, is like drowning, with the face of your loved one just above the surface of the water, staring down with detached, soul-numbing indifference.  We reach, we plead, and we struggle as if our very existence depends upon their love, but ultimately the weight of our grief rushes in, crushing our spirit as the cold, dark waters of despair fill our lungs, reducing our cries to hopeless, muffled whispers.

Be careful when telling someone that you love them, for if you were indeed mistaken, (no matter how many times you tell them it was you, and not them), they will always wonder what they did to make you leave…
You did say that you loved them after all…

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