Monday, May 5, 2014

BLOODLIES: The Birth of a Deception

Rod recently experienced what he believes to be a grand epiphany, though he isn't too big a man to admit that he just might have finally been slipped a heavy dose of common-sense.
Everyone has their downfalls, and Rod's biggest problem was that he wanted 'everyone' in his life to like 'everyone else' in his life... so much so, that he took to making excuses to mask each person's shortcomings from all of the others... in other words, much like a politician, he would lie to make other people like those whom he feared they wouldn't like based upon their own merits.
It worked for about 45 years, only causing some mild confusion along the way, confusion which Rod accepted responsibility for under the guise of simple misunderstanding and good-natured bumbling.
But about a year ago, when numerous, bright red-flags began to pop up around his writing-partner, Shaun McGinnis, Rod put on his trusty 'rose-colored' glasses once again, and began to sell himself on his writing partner's merits, and downplay the serious issues at-hand.
Needless to say, the deception became wide-spread, and Rod put his own reputation and personal relationships on the line by hiding his concerns, and 'selling' Shaun to those around him.
Well, as lies always do; this one finally came around to bite Rod in the hind-quarters, when his so-called friend took advantage of a much needed move, (prompted by Shaun's growing need for drugs and alcohol, and increasing displays of aggression towards Rod's children), and sent their book off to the publisher minus more than forty pages of Rod's edits, switching the names on the cover to give himself first billing, and locking Rod out of his own Facebook pages (Dark Whispers, which was mentioned in Rod's April 2013 post was one of the accounts in question).  He has even gone on to tell the fans on the pages that Rod 'vanished', 'refused to cooperate with edits', and 'was only on the book as a contractual obligation'.
None of which is true (Evidence which supports all statements both above and below is available).
Shaun's (and his girlfriend's - yes, girlfriend - Shaun and Vicky are not married, yes, they lie about that too) lies will come back to bite him one day as Rod's did, and perhaps he will learn a valuable lesson as well... but in the meantime, Rod has decided that he will no longer play 'politician' to his friends and family.  Those around him will like who they like, and if they dislike someone in Rod's tight-knit circle, then perhaps there's a reason.  Maybe if he had taken his true friend's initial assessments of Shaun and Vicky into account instead of glossing them over with a layer of B.S. and Sunshine, he would have avoided a whole lot of heartache... then again, he still wouldn't have learned this valuable lesson.
So while he is sorely disappointed in Shaun's unscrupulous actions, Rod also owes him a debt of gratitude for showing him the err in his ways, breaking him of the need to 'lie' on behalf of friends and family, and bringing him to this new, 'misunderstanding-free' phase in his life.

So on behalf of Rod, and those of us who love him; thank you Shaun McGinnis and Vicky McGinnis Parker.  We wish you well in your Machiavellian life of dipsomania, crapulence, addiction, duplicity, thievery, chicanery, debauchery, backstabbing defamation and slander.  We hope that you get all that you deserve out of life, and more.